जरुरी तो नहीं जीने के लिए सहारा हो ❤️

जरुरी तो नहीं जीने के लिए सहारा हो,
जरुरी तो नहीं हम जिनके हैं वो हमारा हो,
कुछ कश्तियाँ डूब भी जाया करती हैं,
जरुरी तो नहीं हर कश्ती का किनारा हो।
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Jaruri Toh Nahi Jeene Ke Liye Sahara Ho,
Jaruri Toh Nahi Hum Jinke Hain Woh Humara Ho,
Kuchh Kashtiya Doob Bhi Jaya Karti Hai,
Jaruri Toh Nahi Har Kashti Ka Kinara Ho.
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1 thought on “जरुरी तो नहीं जीने के लिए सहारा हो ❤️”

  1. This is to advance the broadcaster and admin of this website to kindly remove this couplet (shayari) as it is written by the author name pulkit joshi and is published on your website without his prior consent and without acknowledging his work.
    Failure to same would lead to necessary required legal actions.
    To be considered as notice for future references.


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